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St. Louis Museum of Transportation
St. Louis Museum of Transportation
These are photos I took on a recent visit to the St. Louis County Parks and Recreation Museum of Transportation located just off I-270 west of the city of Saint Louis. The museum has a diverse collection including more than 60 steam, electric, and diesel locomotives. I would recommend a morning visit as most favorable for picture taking. Unfortunately, my visit was in the late afternoon of an overcast day. Photographing much of the collection can be difficult or impossible because much of the rolling stock is crowded onto tracks beneath open sheds. These sheds provide protection from the weather but aren't a photographer's friends. The amazing variety of locomotives on display, however, make a visit worthwhile.
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Train of Tomorrow 
I remember seeing this train in advertising in Collier's and Saturday Evening Post magazines published while I was in grade school. This was GM's Aerotrain built in 1955 using modified bus bodies on railroad trucks as passenger cars. This one ran unsuccessfully in Chicago commuter service.