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We love trains!

Our featured attraction is a 87 foot by 30 foot N scale model train layout.
We call it the Missouri Kansas and Pacific. The name is an obvious take-off on the Missouri Kansas and Texas Railroad. While the "Katy" was a real railroad ours is a fictional route between a city on the Mississsippi River and the Colorado Rockies. Mound City with its' imposing skyline of modern and Art Deco skyscrapers has a crowded industrial look with warehouses, brewry, chemical factory, and auto assembly plant similar to the real Saint Louis. MK&P trains pass below imposing limestone bluffs along the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers before heading toward the Colorado Rockies. In the Rockies the N scale trains are dwarfed by the mountains reaching more than 4 real world feet above the tracks. The layout is still under construction so for now our trains do what travelers have long wished they could do. We have skipped Kansas. But Kansas will be served by our rails in the next phase of our construction.

N Scale Layout
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Model trains can be at home in the great outdoors. Before you get back in your car, sit on the stone wall by the fish pond or take a minute to rest on one of our porch benches. Either will give you a view of the G scale train as it climbs up and down the hill overlooking our parking area. The train crosses 4 wooden trestles and 8 foot long steel bridge. Even if you're not a big railfan you'll likely enjoy the beautiful garden which is the setting for our train. The many gold fish in the pond are a hit with the kids. If you've got sharp eyes you may even spot one of our resident frogs.


Other smaller train exhibits also entertain and challenge.

You can watch as two HO locomotives bring coal cars to a river barge. A big yellow crane scoops coal from the barge and then dumps it in the railcar. The locomotive then hustles the car off to a power plant and  backs the car into a rotary dumper which empties the coal. The locomotive couples to the railcar and tows it back to the barge for another load.
At the the "Tricky Trains" display you can match wits with a computer to first to clear the hump yard tracks of all cars.
Some train displays change with the seasons. During the Christmas season narrow gauge O scale trains amble through a winter scene created with ceramic buildings and animated skiers, toboggans, and skaters. For Halloween the Hogwarts express will deliver you to a village filled with trick-or-treaters. But as you climb the road higher you pass haunted houses. The end of the road is truely the end of the road in the spook filled hilltop graveyard.
If you like things a little closer to the floor (because that's where your young legs put you) then a wooden railroad play table is likely to get your attention. Love of trains starts early! We have three play tables with all the track and trains you need to spend some quality time with Thomas Tank Engine and Friends.

More Garden RR Photos
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Station Hours
   Tuesday thru Saturday 10 AM till 5 PM
   Sunday 12:30 PM till 5 PM
   Closed Mondays
January - Open Weekends Only
   Saturday 10 AM till 5 PM
   Sunday 12:30 PM till 5 PM
We are closed on the following holidays:
   Thanksgiving Day
   Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
   New Years Eve & New Years Day

The Stationmaster's Journal
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5509 Locust Street - Augusta - Missouri

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