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Augusta Station

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Augusta Station opened in 2002. It was located in Augusta, Missouri, the heart of Missouri's wine country. Conceived by David Senften as place for children and parents to share fun experiences and for all to discover the importance of play no matter what our age. A model train layout was the major focus of the Station but not the exclusive one. Augusta Station closed in mid 2007, enjoyed by many but still too few. The N scale layout reached about fifty percent of the planned size. It did demonstrate, however, the potential of N scale for large spaces and not just small ones.
Click on "What's New"  to check for the addition of new materials since closing the Station. More photo albums of interest to modelers and railfans continue to be added  and new entries are made in the Station Master's Journal. Although there may be less activity on this site than in the past, I hope you will drop by now and then.
This site is being maintained with several pages unchanged so that people may know what was planned and what was accomplished. I want to thank all who visited the Station during the 5 years we were open. I also want to thank the voluteers who lent their efforts to the construction of the MK&P layout.
For nearly five years after operations ceased, the N scale MK&P layout sat in the darkened Augusta Station. It appeared as if nothing more than turning on the power would be required for trains to be running again. But the prospect of new occupants required the removal of the layout. A misunderstanding nearly led to the destruction of the layout and significant damage was done. But at the last minute a group from the Route 66 Railfan Center in Pacific appeared to rescue the MK&P layout. The layout was separated into sections and is now stored in Pacific. The intention is to secure another or new building where the layout can be reassembled and restored to operation. 
            - the Augusta Station Master

Model Train Exhibits 
 Slot Car Racing
 3 Thomas & Friends Play Tables 
 Rokenbok Radio Controlled Construction Toys
Creative and Traditional Toys in Gift Shop

Mountain panorama on N scale layout
No painted backdrop here; these are 3 dimensional mountains nearly reaching the ceiling.

The Station Master's Journal
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5509 Locust Street - Augusta - Missouri

Click here to visit the Augusta Chamber's website for more community information.